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Jeff the Killer's brother Liu. With a knife. Beware of stabbing. You can also ask Sully, his other personality (DIDS/MPD), questions. Be warned, Sully isn't as nice a temperament as Liu...
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((I want to take a moment to tell you all right now, please don’t take fiction for reality. This blog and stories like Slenderman, ect were created through creativity and writer outlets and it’s tragic to see two girls lose touch between reality and fantasy and what’s right and wrong. My heart goes out to the families of those involved in what happened in Wisconsin and the three girls whos lives were affected by dumb decisions and possible mental health (as far as I know, one of the girls is being checked for that currently).

That said,this blog will still be here as infrequent as I update it. Please do not bombard the ask box with inappropriate questions like “Liu did u help those girls” or some bullshit like that. I will delete them.

If any of you feel the need to talk to someone, my main is icallthefundanny and we can talk about whatever, please stay safe!))

Hi :) I hope this isn't weird or awkward sounding but I love this blog and you're a really talented artist.. I hope everything goes great and that you're happy and feeling wonderful and uhm I'm shy and awkward about this kinda stuff bye

((Aw, thanks. Though I feel bad letting you base my talent off the crude drawings I make for this blog. Half the time I don’t even color in the pictures cuz im lazy ;w; 

This made my day- night- wutever, btw. :) ))

Why do you think some of these things happen to good people? Liu I mean you're a great older brother and obviously you haven't done anything wrong in the past so why you? ( GOD THAT'S SO NOT FAIR FUCK LIFE!)

No, I’m not a great older brother. I wasn’t able to protect Jeff in the end. I didn’t even see the signs that he’d cracked until it was too late…

So I was punished.

This is something I found but its from the artist of u and ur brother 
((Guys, remember to source when you submit to me something you didn’t make.
Original Artist: Shoutyy @ deviantart
Original Picture: Here ))

This is something I found but its from the artist of u and ur brother 

((Guys, remember to source when you submit to me something you didn’t make.

Original Artist: Shoutyy @ deviantart

Original Picture: Here ))

Hey. Have you ever watch youtube? If so,who's your favorite youtubers? Mine is PewDiePie!

… Didn’t that guy call my brother a creepy girl or some shit? Kinda not a fan, sorry.

Now, if we’re talking video game youtubers, Cr1tiKal and Chuggaconroy are my guys. Achievement Hunter’s alright too. 

Also... Let me introduce myself. -holds out a hand with claws nailed into the fingertips and says in a quiet voice- I'm Insanity. I'm sorry for anything I might've caused.


Can I kill it?


Hello I'm a huge fan ((of this blog and your headcannons)). I want to help you fight the art theft and I hope you have a wonderful day/night. Glad to talk to you owner and I will ask some questions later so be ready.

((Thank you, I appreciate it. o:))

So you're 24 now. Sully is 8, and I'm assuming that Sully was born around the time Jeff snapped. You must have been 16 when Jeff snapped, right? How old was Jeff? I see pics of him where he looks 17or18, but he has to be 13or14, right? Just curious:)

… Are you a detective? I, uh, don’t like detectives. In fact, I plead the fifth. 

((That should be about right.))

I’ve got like five messages from “Jeff”… 

Impersonating my brother won’t get you anywhere, guys. In fact, it kinda earns you a place on the other end of my knife…

Liu aren't you kind of pushed out of the creepypasta group because they already have Jeff? That must suck.. ono Toby doesn't want me to talk to you...

… The what group? 


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